Use the table below to browse theses completed by Maritime Studies alumni. Many theses have been digitized, and PDF copies of are available through the ECU Library. Simply copy a given thesis title and paste into the search bar on the library homepage.

AuthorYearTitleThesis Director
Adamson, Jack Augustus2020Floating Air Bases and Flying Boats: An Historical and Archaeological Study of the Two Seadromes Established at SaipanJennifer McKinnon
Agranat, Brina1993Thorough and Efficient Repair: Rebuilding in the American Sailing NavyWilliam Still
Alexander, Hoyt T.2019Site Formation and Corrosion Processes:  A Comparative Analysis of Condor and Stormy Petrel Wreck SitesJennifer McKinnon
Allan, James1996Fort Ross Cove: Historical and Archaeological Research to Identify the Remains of California's First ShipyardGordon Watts
Anichtchenko, Evguenia 2004Ships of Russian AmericaTimothy Runyan
Ashley, Ray1994Science and British Sea Power in the Age of Sail: The Search for LongitudeCarl Swanson
Ashmore, Melissa2012Crucial Factors for the Recovery and Conservation of an Archaeological ShipLynn Harris
Askins, Adriane2000Archaeological and Historical Site Investigation/Thesis of the John's Island Wreck (EDS0001)Gordon Watts
Avery, Paul1998The Impact of the Eighteenth-Century Navigation Revolution Upon European Pacific CartographyBradley Rodgers
Ayhens, Monica2009"Well Content With One Fireship": the Sociomedical Impact of Venereal Disease on the Channel Fleet, 1793-1815Wade Dudley
Baker, Nicholas2024Masters of the Sea: Navigation aboard La Concorde/Queen Anne's RevengeLynn Harris
Ball, Tyler Woodson2019Reading Between the Iron Lines:  An Analysis of Cannon Arrangement on Caribbean ShipwrecksLynn Harris
Barbery, Miguel2020The Hull Remains of Helen C: A Comparative Analysis of Chesapeake Bay and Albemarle-Pamlico Skipjack Shipbuilding Traditions.David Stewart
Baumer, David R.1991Fishing Vessels of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper IndustryDonald Parkerson
Bazzill, Dina2007The Missing Link Between Sail and Steam: Steam Barges in the Joys of Door County, WisconsinBradley Rodgers
Beard, David V.1989HMS Debraak : A Treasure Debunked, A Treasure RevealedWilliam Still
Belcher, Samuel2002Dr. William S. W. Ruschenberger and Medical Professionalism in the Early 19th Century American NavyDavid Long
Bernard, Samantha2020Searching for the Schooner Rob Roy: An Historical Archaeological Analysis of a Civil War Blockade RunnerJennifer McKinnon
Bequette, Kathryn E.1992An Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Anchorage, Seawalls, and Shipwrecks within Oranje Bay, St. Eustatius, Netherlands AntillesGordon Watts
Bera, Daniel J.2015Cultural Factors of Shipwreck Site Formation: An Examination of Ferrous Shipwrecks on the Outer BanksNathan Richards
Bera, Emily Powell2017A Ship So That Every Visitor May Inherit the History of the World: The Preservation and Display of Historic Ships AfloatGerald Prokopowicz
Beshears, Jemison R.2001The Monte Cristi Pipewreck: An Archaeological Assessment of the Hull Remains of a Seventeenth Century Merchant Vessel at Monte Cristi, Dominican RepublicGordon Watts
Betz, Jacob M.2004A Tactical Reactionary: Andrew Furuseth and the 1915 La Follette Seamen's ActHenry Ferrell
Bisbee, Saxon2012"How a Vessel of This Magnitude Was Moved": A Comparative Analysis of Confederate Ironclad Steam Engines, Boilers, and Propulsion SystemsBradley Rodgers
Blake, Samuel2006A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of German Submarine Warfare on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States in the World WarsMichael Palmer
Blair, William Danford1999"One Good Port": The Union Navy and Beaufort Harbor, NC, 1862-1865Carl Swanson
Borrelli, Jeremy R.2015The Bay of Storms and Tavern of the Seas Risk in the Maritime Cultural Landscape of the Harbor at Cape Town, South AfricaLynn Harris
Bowdoin, Charles S.2016Waterways of Innovation: The Marine Technological Advancements of America's Prohibition EraBradley Rodgers
Bowdoin, Jeffrey2012Captain Godfrey Carden and the Coast Guard's Captain of the Port of New York in World War IJohn Tilley
Boyle, Patrick2021Aw Shucks: An Archaeological Investigation of a Possible Oyster Fishing Vessel in Washington, North CarolinaJason Raupp
Bradley, Ryan J.2015Where Were the Whalers? An Investigation of the Archaeological, Historical, and Cultural Influences of North Carolina WhalingNathan Richards
Bray, William J., Jr.1975The Career of the CSS RappahanockWilliam Still
Brenckle, Matthew2004British and American Sailor Clothing, 1750 to 1815Lawrence Babits
Bright, John2012The Last Ambush: An Adapted Battlefield Analysis of the U-576 Attack Upon Allied Convoy KS-520 Off Cape Hatteras During the Second World WarNathan Richards
Brooks, Baylus C.2016Proprietaries, Privateers, and Pirates: America's Forgotten Golden AgeLynn Harris
Brown, Daniel2013The Corolla Wreck Exposed: Historical Archaeological Analysis of North Carolina's Oldest ShipwreckBradley Rodgers
Browning, Robert1980The Blockade of Wilmington, North Carolina: 1861-1865William Still
Bunyard, Katrina2019The Development of the Naval Truck Gun Carriage: History, Archaeology, and DesignDonald Parkerson
Byrd, Darryl1998Piracy in the Ancient MediterraneanAnthony Papalas
Cabading, Amber2022After Wrecking: Examining Spanish Salvage of the 1622, 1715, and 1733 Plate FleetsJennifer McKinnon
Caldwell, Tyler Martin2019Defend Your Coast: Network Analysis of Crusader Fortifications and Settlements in the Kyrenia Region of CyprusDavid Stewart
Campbell, Peter2009The Development of Confederate Ship Construction: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation of Confederate Ironclads Neuse and JacksonLawrence Babits
Carpenter, Jodi2007Glimpsing Beneath the Waters: A Survey of Jamestown Island's Submerged Cultural ResourcesLawrence Babits
Carroll, Elise Butchart2018Assessing the Management Practices of Historic Wreck Sites Containing Human Remains:  USS Monitor , H. L. Hunley , USS Arizona , SS Caribsea and HMT BedfordshireLynn Harris
Cartellone, Christopher2003Trawlers to the Rescue: The Role of 'Minor War Vessels' in Securing the Eastern Sea Frontier, 1942Michael Palmer
Casserley, Tane2005CGS Canada: A Canadian Warship in the Florida KeysTimothy Runyan
Cato, Joseph2003Undersea Samurai:  Imperial Japanese Navy Submarine Doctrine and Operations of the Second World WarMichael Palmer
Christian, Lauren2017Adaptive Legacy The Transition of Lighthouses from Symbols of Political-Economical Statements to Icons of Cultural IdentityLynn Harris
Church, Robert A.2000Depletion of the Sylvan Sea Seventeenth-Century English ShipbuildingTimothy Runyan
Clayton, Bryan T.2005On Board The USS North Carolina (BB-55):  Recollections and History of a Battleship During The Second World WarMichael Palmer
Clevenger, Katherine Lovejoy2017Developing a Supplemental Archaeological Methodology:  A Photogrammetric Study of Shipwrecks Using a Low-Cost ROVBradley Rodgers
Clothier, Kaitlin2016Making Land With PiratesWade Dudley
Coble, Wendy1998The S.S. Paraguay : The Historical Importance of Early Twentieth-Century FreightHenry Ferrell
Cole, Patrick1994God's Grace: English Maritime Salvage, 1600-1800Carl Swanson
Combs, Edwin1996On Duty at Wilmington: The Confederate Navy on the Cape Fear RiverWilliam Still
Coogan, Michael1996The War Career of the Union Gunboat Louisiana and the Fall of Fort FisherGordon Watts
Cook, Joel2021The Subchaser Debate: Influences on U.S. Submarine Chaser Design and Development in the First and Second World WarsNathan Richards
Cooper, David19871986-1987 Archaeological Survey of the Schooner Fleetwing SiteWilliam Still
Cooper, Diane1995From Small Ways to Big Business: The Growth of the Wooden Ship Construction and Waterborne Industries Along the United States' Pacific Coast, 1875-1900Donald Parkerson
Cooper, Kathryn L.2014The Infamous Convict Museum Ship Success: An Archaeological Investigation of Material Culture and Identity Formation ProcessesNathan Richards
Cox, J. Lee D., Jr.1985The Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers: A Historical and Archaeological Investigation to Analyses the Presence of Submerged Cultural ResourcesWilliam Still
Cox, James M.1989The Pamlico-Tar River and Its Role in the Development of Eastern North CarolinaWilliam Still
Cox, Sean2020Search to Recover: Simulating the Site Formation Process of the 1733 FleetCharles Ewen
Croatt, Stephanie2013Your Message Here: An Analysis of the U.S. Navy in Photo PostcardsJohn Tilley
Dappert, Claire P.2005Oaken Whale With A Cast Iron Tail: The Single-Decked Wooden Bulk Carrier MonahansettBradley Rodgers
Damian, Michelle2010Archaeology Through Art: Japanese Vernacular Craft in Late Edo-Period Woodblock PrintsBradley Rodgers
Delgado, James P.1985Great Leviathan of the Pacific: The Saga of the Goldrush Steamship TennesseeWilliam Still
Derby, Alena2002The U.S. Schooner Alligator and the U.S. Navy's Campaign to Suppress the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and West India PiracyMichael Palmer
Detlie, John2023Black Gold in the Deep Blue Sea: An Exploration of Shipwreck Search Modeling in the Search for SS William RockefellerNathan Richards
Dickens, Robert1998Portuguese Shore Whalers in Nineteenth Century CaliforniaDonald Parkerson
Dilk, Stephen D.2012From Quiet Woods to Tide Kissed Shore: Searching for the Colonial Port of Sunbury, GeorgiaNathan Richards
DiPrizito, M. Jeffrey2001Monarchs, Merchants, and Parliament: The English East India Company and the Politics of Monopoly, 1600-1660Carl Swanson
Diveley, Brian2008Naval Development and the Diffusion of Nineteenth-Century Maritime Innovation of the Sassacus-Class Double-Ender, USS OtsegoLawrence Babits
D'Jernes, Anna2020A Spatial Analysis of USCG Vessel Lilac: An Archaeological Application of Access Analysis.Nathan Richards
Dodd, Tricia2009The Schooner as an Economic Tool in the Development of North Carolina's CommerceCarl Swanson
Dowell, Andrianna2020Bermuda's First Maritime Heritage Trail: The Practical Archaeology of Maritime Heritage Trails and Interpretation Technologies.Lynn Harris
Downs, Lydia2022A Study of the Cultural Significance of a Dugout Canoe to People of the Past and PresentChristopher Oakley
Dressel, Barry L.1972The Early Career of Commodore James BiddleWilliam Still
Dwyer, Kelsey2021Shackles, Collars, and Chains: Exposing the Treatment of Enslaved Black Women During the Middle Passage and as Part of the Archaeological Record (1700-1886)Lynn Harris
Dudley, Wade1998That Splintered Wall: The British Blockade of the United States, 1812-1815Michael Palmer
Duncan, Stan1994Site Formation Processes: An Environmental History of the Maple Leaf Site, 1864-1993Richard Stephenson
Eamick, Jeremy2015The Shifting Sands: A Study of the Maritime Cultural Landscape of New Bern, North CarolinaDavid Stewart
Earley, Bethany2020Change of Plans: A Study of the Changes in the Barbour Boat Works’
Recreational Watercraft Building Programs, 1950-1961
Nathan Richards
Edmond, Adam2011Confederate Wooden Gunboat Construction: Logistical NightmareLawrence Babits
Edwards, Justin R.2015Tar River Blounts and a Transitional Maritime Cultural Landscape, 1778-1802Wade Dudley
Elliot, Rita Folse1988The Pulse of Petersburg: A Multidisciplinary Investigation of a submerged Tobacco Town in GeorgiaWilliam Still
Ellis, Kendra2023Shackleford Banks: Applying Archaeological and Geospatial Approaches to Maritime Settlement and AbandonmentNathan Richards
Elsner, Madison2024Maritime Iconography at Punic Votive Sites at Carthage and Cirta: An Analysis of Watercraft Imagery from the 4th-1st c. BCEHelen Dixon
Embrey, James1999A Search to Identify: The Seventeenth-Century Shoreline of St. Mary's City, MarylandLawrence Babits
Emory, Scott2000The Vinyard Shipbuilding Company: From Wood Shavings to Hot SparksLawrence Babits
Enright, Jeffrey M.1999An Archaeological and Historical Survey of a Jeffersonian GunboatLawrence Babits
Erhart, Edward Samuel2020The 'Loose Dreadnoughts:' South America's Struggle for Naval PreeminenceWade Dudley
Eslinger, Kimberly2005And All The Men Knew The Colors Of The Sea… Historical and Archaeological Investigation of the SS Commodore , Ponce Inlet, FloridaTimothy Runyan
Faber, Sabrina S.1996The Origins of the Minaret: A Study of the Functional and Formal Antecedents of the Islamic TowerLawrence Babits
Fargnoli, Dominic2023The Scale of Conflict: A Levels of War and GIS Approach to the Battle of Roi-NamurJason Raupp
Fictum, David2015Slops for the Tarpaulin Rabble: Clothing of the Anglo-American Sailors 1680-1740Bradley Rodgers
Fleming, Patrick1998The Case of the I'm AloneMichael Palmer
Fontanez, Richard2001Archaeological and Historical Investigation of the Spanish-American War Steamer Antonio LopezGordon Watts
Fontenoy, Paul1995The Conundrum of the American China Trade, 1784-1844Robert Gowen
Fonvielle, Chris1989To Forge a Thunderbolt: The Wilmington Campaign, February, 1865William Still
Foster, Kevin1991The Search for Speed Under Steam: The Design of a Blockade Running Steamships, 1861-1865William Still
Fox, Kara Davis2015Matters of Steel: Illustrating and Assessing the Deterioration of the World War II Merchant Freight CaribseaNathan Richards
Freeland, Chelsea R.2014Modern Greece : Values of a Civil War Blockade-RunnerWade Dudley
Freitas, Mitchell Campbell2017Reassessing the Cape Hatteras Minefield: An Examination of North Carolina Coastal Defenses During the Second World WarNathan Richards
Fricker, Kristina J.2020Yield Strength of the Egadi 10 Warship: Using Nonlinear Computer Simulations to Examine Collision Dynamics in Greco-Roman Naval Conflicts.David Stewart
Friday, Joseph1988A History of the Wreck of the USS HuronWilliam Still
Friedman, Adam2008The Legal Choice in a Cultural Landscape: An Explanatory Model Created from the Maritime and Terrestrial Archaeological Record of the Roanoke River, North CarolinaNathan Richards
Froning, Donald Jr.2007The Steam Schooner Cosmopolis /Hawaiian Steamer Kauai : The Mahukona Harbor Steamship WreckBradley Rodgers
Frye, Barry1980Privateers and Letters of Marque in North Carolina During the American RevolutionWilliam Still
Gandulla, Stephanie2014The Swedish Sailor's Table: A Study of Vasa 's Wooden TablewareDavid Stewart
Garrett, Veronica2008Of Maps and Monsters: Meaning in Cartographic OrnamentationLawrence Tise
Gates, Paul2019What Lies Beneath at The Pine Street Barge Canal Breakwater Graveyard: Site Formation Processes as a Document of Change in Burlington, Vermont (c. 1830-1960)Nathan Richards
Goodall, Katherine2001The Burroughs Wreck: A Key to Eighteenth Century Ship Construction Techniques and the Life and Death of the Port of EdentonBradley Rodgers
Gottschamer, Amy L. R.1995Artifact Analysis for the Reader's Point Vessel: A Late Eighteenth Century Merchant Ship form St. Ann's Bay, JamaicaGordon Watts
Gray, Jeff1998Fueling the Fire: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation of Little Sturgeon, Wisconsin and the Claflin Point WreckBradley Rodgers
Greeley, Joseph1999The Last of Her Line: The Steam Sternwheeler Portland of Portland, Oregon, An Anachronism in TimeBradley Rodgers
Green, Catherine Fach2003Nineteenth Century North American Figureheads from the Mariners' Museum CollectionTimothy Runyan
Green, Russell2002The Devereaux Cove Vessel and the Penobscot Expedition of 1779: Historical and Archaeological Interpretation of Vessel Remains at Devereaux Cove, Stockton Springs, MaineLawrence Babits
Groszkowski, Jeff2007Cod, Contracts, and Capital: New England's Motivations for Attacking Louisbourg in 1745Carl Swanson
Guitierrez, Joseph A., Jr.1977Confederate Naval Ordinance, 1861-1865William Still
Haiduven, Richard2003Archaeological and Historical Assessment of the Troy Spring WreckLawrence Babits
Hall, Wes1992An Underwater Archaeological Survey of Heron's Colonial Bridge Crossing Site Over the Northeast Cape Fear River Near Castle Hayne, North CarolinaGordon Watts
Hammack, Stephen A.2007The Scots-Irish: Scottish Origins, Irish Experiences, and American DreamsCarl Swanson
Harris, Lynn1988A Preliminary Investigation of the Seaport, Table Bay and Shipwrecks in the Vicinity of Cape Town, South AfricaWilliam Still
Harris, Margaret2002The History of the 1880-1891 Marshall/Firehole Hotel, Yellowstone National Park and Conservation Methods for Artifacts from a Thermal Riverine EnvironmentLawrence Babits
Harris, Ryan2006Chalupa No. 2: A Comparative Study of 16th Century Basque Whaleboat Construction from Examples Excavated at Red Bay, LabradorBradley Rodgers
Harrison, Ian P.2019South Africa's Battle of the Atlantic: 1939-1945Lynn Harris
Hartmeyer, Phil2014Passengers, Packages, and Copper: The Steamer Pewabic , Its Archaeology, Management, Material Culture, and the Development of the Keweenaw PeninsulaBradley Rodgers
Hatch, Heather2006Arrrchaeology: Investigating Piracy in the Archaeological RecordCharles Ewen
Hauck, Chelsea2016Postmortem Archaeology: Reinterpreting Salvaged Sites using the CSS Neuse as a Case StudyBradley Rodgers
Hayman, Jeanette2011Heritage at Risk? An Assessment of Environmental Factors in Archaeological Site Damage in Albemarle Sound, North CarolinaNathan Richards
Hazel, Ian2016Press Gang Revisited: Polarization, Nuance, and the Study of Impressment in the Royal NavyTimothy Jenks
Herman, Patrick Forrest2017Bessie and the Manigaults: Reconstructing a Plantation Boat and Antebellum Boating Culture in South Carolina Rice CountryDavid Stewart
Herron, Richard D.1984Chesapeake Bay Privateering During the American Revolution: The Patriots, the Loyalists, and the BritishWilliam Still
Hewett, Jacquelyn2021Bronze Age Aegean Ritual Ship and Boat Imagery: An Iconographic AnalysisDavid Stewart
Hicks, Theresa2012Wharves, The Keystone of Plantation Wealth? Case StudiesLynn Harris
Holcombe, Robert A.1993The Evolution of Ironclad DesignWilliam Still
Hoots, Michaela2024The Interconnection of Foodways: An Investigation of Artifacts and the Connections of Three Groups throughout the life of La Concorde/Queen Anne RevengeLynn Harris
Horn, Thomas Wilde2014Determining Seasonal Corrosion Rates in Ferrous-Hulled Shipwrecks: A Case Study of the USS HuronNathan Richards
Hough, Trevor Harrison2018Tomol's and the "Carrying of Many People" Indigenous Control of the Sea in the Santa Barbara ChannelJennifer McKinnon
Howard, Bernard James2016Navigating Historical Waters: A Study of the Pilots and Original Settlers of Ocracoke IslandLynn Harris
Howard, Joshua Brendan2004The Most Abandoned Sett of Wretches: North Carolina's Privateering Efforts During the American Revolution, 1776-1783Carl Swanson
Howard, Robin Croskery2016Surgery at Sea: An Analysis of Shipboard Medical Practitioners and Their InstrumentationLynn Harris
Howe, Nathaniel2011Rigging and Gun Tackle Blocks of the Swedish Royal Warship VasaDavid Stewart
Hoyt, Joseph2008The Transition from Wood to Iron in Great Lakes Bulk Carriers: An Historical and Archaeological Investigation of the Wooden Bulk Carrier Continental, and Early Iron Hulled Bulk CarriersBradley Rodgers
Hughes, Michael D.2003An Investigation of a British Raid on the Upper Elk River During the War of 1812Lawrence Babits
Huss, George Martin II2019Of Blood, Salt, and Oil: An Archaeological, Geographical, and Historical Study of North Carolina's Dolphin FisheryNathan Richards
Jackson, Claude V. III1991Historical and Archaeological Investigations of a Sunken Federal Period Vessel Near Oriental, North CarolinaJohn Tilley
Jaeschke, Brian2003Black Angels of the Ice: The History of a Chartered Ice Breaking on the Great Lakes by the Rail Ferries Sainte Marine and Chief WawatamAnnalies Corbin
Jakeman, William2021The Pirates of Cilicia: A GIS Approach to Creating a Predictive Model of 1st Century B.C. Pirate Maritime Networks in the Eastern Aegean SeaFrank Romer
Jennette, Alexander T.1985Consuls and Commodores: The Initial Unsuccessful Campaign Against the Barbary Pirates, 1801-1803William Still
Jensen, John O.1992The Unwanted:  Cholera, Immigrants, and National Public Health in 1892William Still
Jones, Douglas2007Too Much Top for its Bottom: The Historical and Archaeological Identification of the USS Castine and the Significance of U.S. Gunboats in the Early Steel NavyBradley Rodgers
Jones, Jennifer E.2012Scattered to the Wind: An Evaluation of the Disaster Landscape of Coastal North CarolinaNathan Richards
Jones, Sheridan Richard1996Historical and Archaeological Investigation of the MacKnight Shipyard Wreck (0001 NCR)Lawrence Babits
Kennington, John Jr.1994Gray Jackets in Savannah: The Enlisted Sailor of the Confederate States Navy on the Savannah River, 1861-1864Lawrence Babits
Kerfoot, Sara C.2015Catastrophic Disaster in the Maritime Archaeological Record: Chasing the Great Storm of 1913Bradley Rodgers
Keusenkothen, Mark2024Underwater Demolition Teams and the Geomorphological and Ecological Effects of a World War II Amphibious Landing on a Coral Reef in the Pacific Jennifer McKinnon
King, Nathaniel Robert2018An Examintion of Sanitation and Hygiene Habit Artifacts Found Aboard Vasa : Health, Sanitation, and Life at Sea in Seventeenth-Century SwedenDavid Stewart
Kinsella, James Michael2018Detecting Archaeological Signatures in Shallow Water: A Study of the Chicamacomico Races Battlescape (1-5 October 1861)Nathan Richards
Kjorness, Annalies Corbin1995Material Culture of Nineteenth Century Steamboat Passengers on the Bertrand and ArabiaLawrence Babits
Knoerl, T. Kurt1994Beneath Niagara: A Methodological Approach to an Inundated Eighteenth Century SiteGordon Watts
Knutson, Janie Rose2018"War is War, and I Must Carry Out My Duty": A Geospatial and Statistical Analysis of North Carolina's First World War BattlescapeNathan Richards
Kopp, Nadine2012The Influence of the War of 1812 on Great Lakes ShipbuildingBradley Rodgers
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Krop, David2008The Governorship of Alexander Spotswood in Colonial VirginiaCarl Swanson
Lacey, Stephen2019Early 18th Century Cast Iron Hand Grenades on the North American Atlantic CoastDonald Parkerson
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LaFleur, Danielle L.2004The Ship's Bell as a Diagnostic Tool: An Analysis of the Ship's Bell and its Attributes
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Lamm, Marshall2011Floating Fortress, Floating City, Floating Monument: A Comparative Study of Three American Warship MuseumsLawrence Babits
LaVoie, Gerry1995Command and Control of the Army of the Potomac in 1864: Ulysses S. Grant and George G. MeadeMichael Palmer
Lawrence, Kam2020Tools of the Trade: A Material Culture Study of Hand Tools from Queen Anne's RevengeJennifer McKinnon
Lawrence, Matthew2003A Fair Specimen of a Southern Rive Steamer: The Oregon and Tar/Pamlico River Steam NavigationBradley Rodgers
Lebras, Luke2021Truth Behind Thames: Archaeological and Historical Investigations of the “Missionary Whaleship"Jason Raupp
Lehman, Adam2006The Privateers of the War of 1812: A Study of the Impact of American Federal Legislation and Policies Regarding American Private Armed VesselsMichael Palmer
Lengieza, Joseph Thaddeus2016Vernacular in Curves: The Mythologizing of the Great Lakes WhalebackBradley Rodgers
Leuchtmann, Amy2011The Central Places of Albemarle Sound: Examining Transitional Maritime Economies through Archaeological Site DistributionNathan Richards
Lowe, Matthew2021Visualizing Port History: An Historical and Archaeological Reconstruction of Washington, North Carolina’s Historic WaterfrontNathan Richards
Lowris, Jason2000A Reluctant Imperialist in an Age of Shifting Paradigms: The Career of George Dyer, USN, 1870-1908Michael Palmer
Lusardi, Wayne1998Shipwrecked Swords: An Examination of Edged Weaponry Recovered From Spanish Colonial Vessels and Archaeological Sites, 1492-1733Bradley Rodgers
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Magunuson, Coral1998The Canoe House in Traditional HawaiiLawrence Babits
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Morris, John William1991Site 44YO88: The Archaeological Assessment of the Hull Remains at Yorktown, VirginiaGordon Watts
Nassif, William2020Reconstructing the Waterfront: An Historical and Archaeological
Reconstruction of the Nineteenth Century Port of Washington, NC.
Nathan Richards
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