Remote Sensing Laboratory

ECU professor and grad student view sonar waterfall.The Remote Sensing Lab was set up in 2018 at ECU’s West Research Campus. This space is dedicated to practical training and preparation for marine and terrestrial remote sensing research. It is fully equipped to accommodate ECU researchers or graduate student classes to expand their working knowledge of archaeological remote sensing equipment assembly, deployment, and troubleshooting in a controlled setting. The Remote Sensing Lab is the home of the Program’s side scan sonar systems, marine magnetometers, terrestrial and marine gradiometers, positioning devices, and metal detection equipment. The lab also contains a technical workshop with a multitude of peripheral equipment for underwater sampling, in situ corrosion monitoring, electronic testing, soldering, and battery maintenance.

List of Systems

  1. Geometrics 882 Magnetometer
  2. Marine Magnetics SeaQuest Gradiometer
  3. Geometrics 858 Magmapper
Acoustic Sonar
  1. Edgetech 4125
  2. Klein 3000H
  3. Marine Sonics 900Khz
  4. Marine Sonics 1200Khz
Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  1. Nova Ray
  2. OpenROV
Metal Detection
  1. Minelab Excalibur II
  2. Minelab CTX 3030
  3. Fisher Aquanaut 1280X
  4. Garrett Infinium LS
  1. Topcon Hyper V RTK GNSS
  2. Topcon ES 102 Total Station
  3. Topcon GTS 220 Total Station
  4. Trimble SPS 356
  5. Trimble AgGPS 332
  6. Trimble AgGPS 542

For a complete virtual tour of our Remote Sensing Laboratory, click here!