HIST 6835 – Advanced Methods for Maritime Archaeology

3 s.h.

Prerequisite: HIST 6820; consent of instructor.

A detailed introduction to the high-tech field equipment and software currently employed in maritime archaeology.

Topics might include:

Remote sensing in archaeology
Metal detection theory
Metal detection practice
Direct Current (DC)
Alternating Current (AC)
The ECU systems
Cable types
System communication theory
Navigation/Intro to TeraTerm
Tethering and towing
Magnetometer theory
Magnetometer system orientation
System setup and streaming
Magnetometer software options (MagLog, Hypack, SonarWiz, BOB)
Acquisition software demo (Hypack)
Processing software demo (Hypack, ArcGIS, MagMap)
Acoustic survey theory
Side scan system orientation
System setup and streaming
Side scan software options (SonarPro, SonarWiz, Discover, Scanline, Hypack)
Terrestrial gradiometer fieldwork
Acquisition software demo (Sonarpro, Discover)
Processing software demo (Hypack, Sonarwiz)
Toolkits, troubleshooting, and repair
Remote Sensing Fieldwork